Pot Limit Omaha Tools - Where Do You Start Your PLO Training?

Jakub Szczotka
3 kwi 2024
4 mins read

There are many ways to learn different poker formats, but if you want to achieve true mastery in any of them, you will have to use the proper tools sooner or later. If Texas Hold'em is your game of choice, there are more than plenty of poker tools and software to choose from (here's our take on this topic).

But what about Pot Limit Omaha? The choice is more limited, but there are a few options which will help you hone your poker strategy.

Luckily, studying poker is less tiring than CrossFit

Poker tracking software helps PLO players too

While many poker sites and platforms restrict or even ban tracking software (like GGPoker or WPT Global), some still allow their user to use them (including PokerStars). In Omaha's case, the market is similar to NLH; the most popular poker tracking software is Hold'em Manager, Poker Tracker and Hand2Note.

Tracking software not only provides you with Heads-up Displays (HUDs) that give you real-time insight into how your opponents play, but such apps are also great tools for studying your own game. With the help of trackers, you can replay your poker sessions and review your tendencies, identifying areas where your poker game might be far from optimal.

With the help of tracking software, you can analyze your playing history and determine whether you c-bet with the correct frequencies, defend the big blind properly, are aggressive enough, and much more. Overall, if you're playing online regularly, consider investing in one of the poker trackers mentioned earlier. They are a must-have poker tool whether you play No Limit Hold'em or Pot Limit Omaha.

HEM for PLO looks and works similarly to NLH version

Poker equity calculators

Estimating equity in heads-up scenarios in NLH is relatively easy, and with a little bit of practice, you become proficient in doing so even for multiway pots. Naturally, the same process is much more challenging for PLO since additional cards often translate to additional equity. How do you train your prowess in estimating your equity in Pot Limit Omaha?

By using equity calculators, just like in Texas Hold'em.

Let's start with an honorable mention of one of the oldest online poker tools: Cardplayer Odds Calculator (additionally, you may use it for Seven-Card Stud, Razz or Deuce to Seven). While it looks outdated by today's standards, over the years, it has helped thousands of players understand how equity works and how it changes in PLO. It's a basic tool that doesn't allow hand vs range calculations, but the CP calculator has a significant advantage: it is accessible via a browser, even on your phone.

When using a PC or a laptop, you'll likely take greater advantage of more advanced apps, like Poker Strategy Equilab Omaha or ProPokerTools. The former is the Omaha version of one of the most popular poker software ever made. It has its limitations but allows you to dive deeper into the topic by estimating hand versus range, range versus range equity, and even ranking the different versions of the various iterations of hole cards.

ProPoker Tools gives you even more freedom, offering calculations for different versions of Omaha (Omaha Hi/Lo, 5-card Omaha, and even 6-card Omaha) and allowing you to ask questions about how often certain conditions are met.

PPT is not free (you can use it for free as of the writing of this text), but every aspiring poker player will utilise its functionalities.

It may look simple, but don't get fooled, PPT is a powerful poker tool

Poker solvers

Finally, we arrive at the most recent and most advanced category of poker tools ever created: poker solvers.

The first poker solver for No Limit Holdem is already almost a decade old, but that's not true for Pot Limit Omaha. This game includes many more hand combinations, which lengthens the process of calculating the optimal strategy and makes it more challenging to develop a working app.

The first PLO solver to gain wider recognition was Monker Solver, which is still available today. Here at PLO Genius, we've started our work with different foundations. Our app is browser-based and calculates everything in the cloud, which does not require our users to have powerful PCs.

As of writing this, PLO Genius allows you to solve preflop spots for bot PLO and PLO5 at various stack depths and rake structures. We're adding new functionalities monthly, including deep stack live simulations and MTT ICM considerations. While constantly in development, we believe that both beginners and advanced players can take advantage of our work. You can find out whether it works for you now. Completely free!

Poker tools can be a game changers

If you play online a lot or would like to, you must familiarize yourself with modern poker software. It's especially handy in cash games since there is a lack of ICM, and PLO is played predominantly in that format.

Nowadays, the best poker strategies are based on solvers' output and game theory concepts. The right poker tools can kickstart your career, but you must know what you're doing.

That's when the community aspect can help a lot. We've gathered our users on a Discord channel and invite you to join us. You'll find other PLO players striving to improve, along with our staff, who will support you in case of any problems.