PLO GENIUS A modern Pot Limit Omaha Solver.
Improve your PLO Game using the best poker software you’ll find.

The Best PLO poker tool on the market

The road to mastery in Pot Limit Omaha is a long one, so it should be as engaging and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we’ve done our best to help you become a successful poker player. We’ve designed a PLO learning tool that will help you study preflop ranges and decisions and challenge yourself, just like in a real game.

PLO & 5 Card PLO Sims

A wide selection of most accurate GTO preflop sims. We’ve covered different stack sizes and rake structures, coupled with in-depth postflop sims for PLO and 5 Card PLO.

PLO Reimagined

Redesigned and rethought views to highlight the key concepts of modern poker strategy.

Challenge Yourself

Identify your most critical flaws. Track your progress in detail and see how you improve week by week.

Customizable GTO Trainer

Our fully customizable poker trainer lets you choose between quick pre-game warm-ups or very specific spot analysis. We’ve got your PLO training covered!

Intuitive Poker Study

A brand new, more natural approach to presenting poker hand categories.


Postflop PLO Solver

And if that wasn’t cool enough, get ready for the fastest GTO poker solver in the game. Get ready to unleash your inner poker genius and blow the competition out of the water with the fastest PLO GTO tool.

Train for free

Become the PLO Genius

We know that studying is the key to success, but the tools on the market just weren’t cutting it. So we built the ultimate poker training software to help you become a total badass at the table.

Save Your Time & Money

PLO Genius is designed to be a time-efficient poker tool, no matter where you are in your poker journey, whether you’re winning $20 or $200+ per hour.

Maximize Your Win-Rate

We focus on teaching you the most lucrative aspects of the poker game, with challenging exercises that improve your understanding and practical applications of GTO in poker.

100% Cloud-Based

Stay tuned and get early access to the first cloud-based PLO poker solver in the world!

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